Surgeon Job Responsibilities

Surgeon Responsibilities

A surgeon is responsible to correct the deformities, repair injuries, and treat diseases by performing surgeries. They are supposed to provide very efficient and effective surgical services to the patients.

They analyze the physical condition and then determine the best procedure for surgery. They also assist in educating the junior medical staff and clinical staff. They need to be well aware of past medical record of patients.

Surgeon Job Responsibilities

  • Determine the requirement of surgical operations, estimate dangers to patients, and determine the best appropriate operating procedure.
  • Learn the medical history of the patients relating to some kind of allergies and anticipate the results that are expected after the surgery.
  • Decide on the procedure for operation depending on the physical condition of the patient.
  • Ensure suitable surgical instruments stocked in the operation theatre.
  • Provide information regarding the risks associated with the surgery.
  • Manage, plan and schedule the surgery, once the physical condition of the patient is completely analyzed.
  • Prepare the patients’ case history after the successful completion of the operation.
  • Provide care to the patient after surgery.
  • Conduct planned ward round to monitor care, check progress throughout the week, so that the patient can be discharged soon.
  • Issue discharge summary to all the patients before they leave the hospital.
  • Maintain good relationship with the patients.

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