Surgical Technician Job Responsibilities

A surgery or surgical care refers to the method of using special techniques and instruments for treating a pathological condition such as a disease or an injury. These surgeries are performed by particularly qualified doctors who are assisted by varied number of technicians, nurses etc. These technicians who help the doctors in the surgery are called surgical technicians.

Surgical Technician Job Responsibilities

  • The surgical technicians are responsible for meeting all the tasks that are assigned to them by the doctors.
  • The technicians are responsible for ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the operation room. They are responsible to maintain the environment of the operating system.
  • The surgical technicians are the ones who are given the responsibility of the surgical instruments and equipments. These technicians are to handle the instruments and ensure that they stay in best condition.
  • The technicians are responsible for keeping a check that all the operative procedures are performed while ensuring the safety of the patients.
  • The surgical technicians are given the responsibility of checking on the patients while also maintaining their medical charts.
  • The technicians are responsible for checking all the paper work of the patients.
  • The technicians are responsible for ensuring that all the equipments needed for the surgery are in place in the operation room.
  • The technicians are left with the responsibility of after operation tasks such as closing incisions, preparing sterile dressings etc.
  • The technicians are responsible for training any new employees or new technicians.
  • A surgical technician also takes care of the patients after the surgery.

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