Switchboard operator/receptionist Trainee Job Responsibilities

Switchboard operator/receptionist Trainee Responsibilities

The main responsibility of a switchboard operator is to answer all the call and operate multi-line switch board quickly. He is responsible to transfer all the call to their proper destination without any delay. Beside this, answering questions, give customer support, announcing different calls and providing essential directions are his or her secondary responsibilities.

Switchboard operator/receptionist Job Trainee Responsibilities

  • It is one of the main responsibilities to answer almost all the calls and maintain good response rate according to the initial agreement.
  • The responsibility of switchboard operator is to deal every customer with positive attitude and helping nature.
  • To maintain all the records with previous call logs is also the responsibility of switchboard operator.
  • He should know which call is to be transfer and how to handle customers if the boss is busy in the meetings.
  • It is responsibility of switchboard operator to operate different office machine such that personal computer, fax, shredding machine, photocopy machine and calculator.
  • He or she is responsible to maintain good client-customer relationships.
  • To solve the primary problems of customers is also the responsibility of switchboard operator.
  • Switchboard operator should know how to interact with different people and he or she is responsible to establish good relationship with other staff.

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