System Administrator Job Responsibilities

The system administrators are the professionals who are responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing the computer systems in an organization.  Since, computers and information technology is used in almost all the sectors, hence system administrators are not only hired by technical companies, but services of these professionals are required in every sector.

System Administrator Job Responsibilities:

  • System Administrator job responsibilities include managing the users in the organizations by applying necessary restrictions to some users, assigning privileges to some users and applying required limits and rights to every user account.
  • These technical professionals are required to perform operating system installations, OS upgrades, configurations on computer systems as per user requirements and making necessary changes to the user & network environment as per the requirements.
  • System Administrator job responsibilities also include performing maintenance and troubleshooting tasks to solve out computer system related problems for the users.
  • System Administrators are also responsible for planning necessary audits in order to check systems for performance and any hardware failure.
  • These candidates are also responsible for designing backup and recovery plans, taking periodic backups and ensuring the security of important data in case of system failure or crash.
  • System Administrator job responsibilities also include setting up of security policies, implementing access control lists, managing disk spaces by applying quotas, linking and sharing required information between computer systems and securing confidential data from unauthorized users.
  • These technical professionals also work on ensuring good performance by systems by regularly checking their performance levels and taking necessary actions to upgrade the degrading performance of computer systems.

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