Tanning Consultant Job Responsibilities

Tanning Consultants offer various tanning consultancy services to the clients. They mostly sit at the front desk and assist their clients by guiding them through the tanning procedures. Tanning Consultants make the clients fill in the necessary tanning form, if required. (Some tanning salons are strict on getting the forms filled).

Tanning Consultant Job Responsibilities

  • Tanning Consultant Job Responsibilities include dealing with the customers interested in taking tanning services.
  • Tanning Consultants help the clients with their tanning requirements.
  • Tanning Consultants mostly work at the front desks and answer the client’s queries related to the tanning services.
  • Tanning Consultants direct the clients to bed where they can undergo their tanning treatment.
  • Tanning Consultants also assess the level of tanning on a person’s body and suggest a suitable tanning treatment to him/ her.
  • Tanning Consultants help the customers in purchasing anti-tanning lotion and other anti-tanning products.
  • Tanning Consultants also need to ensure that the saloons are kept clean and tidy at all times and that the workers maintain hygiene.
  • Tanning Consultants are responsible for fixing up appointments for the clients interested in undergoing tanning treatments.
  • Tanning Consultants may even be required to work on weekends and also at erratic hours.
  • Tanning Consultants are expected to increase the client base taking tanning services from their saloon as this would help in boosting their business.
  • Tanning Consultants are required to use good quality products and equipments for removing tanning from their clients’ body. Thus, they must be aware about the appropriate ways to use these.
  • Tanning Consultants are responsible for maintaining a record of the customers opting for this service.


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