Tax Associate Job Responsibilities

Tax associates are individuals, who analyze financial information and prepare reports to determine and maintain records of assets, profit and loss, tax liabilities and other financial activities within an organization. They apply their business and accounting skills to help an organization comply with the local, state and federal tax regulations. Tax associates are also known as tax specialists or tax preparers and they usually hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting or taxation.

Tax Associate Job Responsibilities:

  • Tax associates are responsible for preparing simple to complex corporate and individual tax returns and work with both small businesses and individuals.
  • They are responsible for reviewing an organization’s financial reporting system and makes sure that they adhere to the Internal Revenue Service guidelines.
  • Tax associates need to make sure that the organization pays its financial liabilities which include property, employment and income taxes on time.
  • Tax associates are responsible to keep their client’s tax liability to a minimum by making use of the available adjustments and deductions.
  • Tax associates need to ensure that proper tax set ups are made and are responsible for developing and maintaining solutions to business and financial problems.
  • Tax associates are responsible for preparing forms and manuals for accounting personnel and also for directing their work activities. They make use of sophisticated software for tax preparation in order to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Tax associates are responsible for analyzing, developing and maintaining budgets and for preparing periodic reports that compare budgeted costs to actual costs.
  • Tax associate need to do research on tax issues and also provide related documentations.
  • Tax associates are responsible for organizing, planning and prioritizing work and also for developing specific goals for organizing and accomplishing one’s work.
  • Tax associate are responsible for advising clients in areas such as employee health care benefits, compensation and accounting or data processing systems.
  • Tax associates are responsible for projecting future revenues and expenses by analyzing business processes, costs, trends, revenues, obligations and fiscal commitments.

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