Tax Consultant Job Responsibilities

A Tax Consultant is required to calculate the taxes on a firm’s production, purchase and sales transactions. He is involved in preparing tax reports and maintaining a record of the paid tax amount and the tax amount that needs to be paid. It is essential for a candidate to have knowledge about accounts and taxation in order to get into this position.

Tax Consultant Job Responsibilities

  • Tax Consultant job responsibilities include computing taxes that are to be levied on the various transactions made by a firm.
  • Tax Consultants are required to maintain a record of the tax amount that has already been paid.
  • Tax Consultants need to compute the amount that needs to be paid as tax.
  • Tax Consultants help their clients in filing the tax return.
  • Tax Consultants are required to compile the tax bills.
  • Tax Consultants advise their clients on paying the tax and also help them in completing the paper work and other formalities.
  • Tax Consultants may give instructions or suggestions to the tax collector.
  • Tax Consultants are responsible for handling the customer’s queries related to tax payment and also resolve any kind of dispute.
  • Tax Consultants are required to maintain a record of the tax payment details of different clients or their firm.
  • Tax Consultants help in easing off the hassle of paying the tax amount. They make different payment plans for their customers depending upon their payment capacity.
  • Tax Consultants must see to it that they compute the taxes based on the latest rates set by the government and also follow the set regulations while calculating it.

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