Teacher Job Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibilities

A teacher takes the responsibility to provide an educational atmosphere wherein the students are given the opportunity to accomplish their potential for emotional, intellectual, physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

Also the teacher is responsible for managing and implementing an instructional agenda for helping students attain academic success. They plan, manage and implement relevant instructional program for learning environment to encourage & guide students for fulfilling their academic prospective.

Teacher Job Responsibilities


  • Provides an atmosphere where students can get actively occupied in meaningful and useful learning experiences.
  • Develop work plans and schemes for lesson.
  • Ascertain and speak apparent objectives for every learning objective.
  • Get classrooms prepared for all class activities.
  • Provide a wide variety of resources and learning materials that will be useful in educational activities.
  • Recognize and pick different methods and instructional resources that could meet the varying needs of the students.
  • Make use of appropriate technology that could support the instruction you give.
  • Observe and assess the performance and progress of the students.
  • Assign and categorize homework, class work, assignments and tests.
  • Provide proper feedback on the effort given by students.
  • Monitor and encourage the progress of each student.
  • Maintain complete records of the development and progress of students.
  • Maintain discipline according to the rules and regulation of the school.

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