Technical Illustrator Job Responsibilities

A technical illustrator is a person who is hired by a private IT companies or governmental agencies to work on graphic designing. A technical illustrator is also commonly known as a graphic designer. This job requires the technical illustrator to design a variety of products with help of computer programs. This job positions comes along with a lot of job responsibilities. The following is a list of the main job responsibilities of a technical illustrator.

Technical Illustrator Job Responsibilities:

  • A technical illustrator is responsible for creating illustrations and making sketches and designs for marketing and promotion related campaigns.
  • A technical illustrator is responsible for designing artwork, charts, graphs and book layouts, reports, magazines and newspapers.
  • A technical illustrator is also responsible for fixing meetings with clients to work on efficient strategies with the purpose of promoting the products produced by them and the services they offer.
  • A technical illustrator is responsible for interacting with the advertising managers, artists, photographers, editors and animators and also sales professionals.
  • A technical illustrator is required to develop and design websites and work on the technicalities of the websites prepared by other illustrators.
  • A technical illustrator is basically appointed to work with other technical experts of the company and work in collaboration for troubleshooting and analytical purposes.
  • The job responsibility of a technical illustrator is also to work for designing logos for business organisations and business cards.
  • A technical illustrator is also responsible for analysing technical faults and errors in illustrations and designs.

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