Technical Lead Job Responsibilities

A technical lead candidate is one who provides technical expertise in a technology company. Technical lead job responsibilities start with designing, development and implementation stages of a technical product of the company. The role of a technical lead entails offering solutions for business issues which are faced by the client. The candidate taking up this role should be very dynamic apart from possessing good technical knowledge as well.

Technical Lead Job Responsibilities

  • Provide technical inputs to the company at the designing stage of new product being devised for the client.
  • Attend client meetings in order to understand the client requirements before designing process is initiated.
  • Provide the software life cycle designing to the client and work according to the plan.
  • Provide support during the implementation stage to the technical team by giving valuable inputs with regard to design and technical aspects.
  • Coordinate all the technical activities of the technical team and send for review of the client at periodic intervals specified by the client.
  • Provide resolution of technical issues that arise during designing and implementation stages to the technical users.
  • Prepare report for cause analysis of issues that arise at client end and provide multiple solutions for the client to choose according to usability.


  • Providing price estimates in consultation with the sales team for the new products to the clients which includes technical details as well.
  • Provide time schedule for the new product designing and implementation in a phase wise manner to the client along with statistical and graphical representations.
  • Provide progress report to the client at various stages of the new product on a weekly basis.
  • Make modifications to the new product according to the changes suggested by the client at the designing and implementation stages of the product development.

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