Telecom Billing Analyst Job Responsibilities

An employee of a telecom company who is hired for the purpose of analysing billing related services is known as a telecom billing analyst. A telecom billing analyst is required to address many duties and responsibilities and must be a trained and skilled individual suiting the requirements of the job. This job may require expertise in mathematics and logic. Given below are a few of the job responsibilities of a telecom billing analyst.

Telecom Billing Analyst Job Responsibilities:

  • A telecom billing analyst is responsible for the analysis of the monthly or week invoice sheets and for the approval and inspection of the long term and short term wireless accounts.
  • A telecom billing analyst is required to look into previous invoice sheets and balance sheets to check for errors and make necessary amendments to remove the errors or mistakes found.
  • A telecom billing analyst’s job responsibilities also include the inspection of those opportunities which can bring about savings to the company. This is also done by identifying possible errors in calculations.
  • A telecom billing analyst is required to prepare a telecom billing database and inventory invoicing which can be of help to the company and can be used by other technicians or workers of the telecommunications company.
  • A telecom billing analyst must be able to study trends in billing sheets and suggest methods to bring about escalated profits.
  • A telecom billing analyst is responsible for working in collaboration with the accounts department and the IT department.

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