Telephone Operator Job Responsibilities

Telephone Operator Responsibilities

Do you know the owner of the voice who answers you when you make a phone call for your friend at the office? That is from the telephone operator – usually sweet sounding with pleasing tone and good verbal skills. Most big companies have their own telephone operator or sometimes operators to facilitate the smooth operation and communication in the company. Such operator is also representing the company in some ways and so, companies are now very particular in hiring a telephone operator who will really make a good representation for the companies imaging and reputation. Bad and rude operators might give the impression that the whole company is likewise bad or rude.

Telephone Operator Job Responsibilities

  • To answer all incoming telephone call in a professional and polite manner
  • To make clear and accurate communication to the other party on the other end of the line
  • To redirect and divert calls to appropriate parties or offices
  • To relay information as quickly and as accurately as possible  as when the other party asks for a certain phone number, he has to look up his computerized or manual directory with alertness and presence of mind
  • To call up or dispatch the appropriate personnel in cases of emergency
  • Giving polite assistance to its caller and give best services.

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