Textile Designer Job Responsibilities

Textile Designer Responsibilities

Textile designers are responsible for enhancing the appearance of your home by developing interiors. He is responsible for arranging a meeting with client, marketing staff and technical staff to create designs of interior and fabrics. The main responsibility of textile designer is to take specification by client and offer same design as per the requirement.

Textile Designer Job Responsibilities

  • • He is responsible for developing or creating samples which can be shown to client for approval.
  • • He is responsible for developing designing formula to create bunch of samples. Textile designer uses various software like CAD for developing multiple designs.
  • • He is also responsible for impressing the client by the attractive presentation.
  • • He is responsible to test colour combination with unique touch of fabric and texture.
  • • He is responsible for developing creative ideas or concepts to give new turn to interior designs.
  • • He is responsible to complete the project on time with desired specifications.
  • • He is responsible to advertise their designs by publishing it in magazines and papers.
  • • He is responsible to develop new creative ideas from open resources like internet.
  • • Textile designer is responsible to have the latest information about the fashion of interior designing.
  • • He is responsible for maintaining stock of goods used in textile designing.

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