Tire Technician Job Responsibilities

Tire Technician job responsibilities entails dismounting, balancing and mounting of all the tires which are sold by the organisation or retail store. All the other products sold in the store also have to be installed by the professionals handling this profile. The basic job responsibilities associated with this role are driving the car of the customer till the lift, carefully securing the vehicle before the process of dismounting has been started and after completing the process of re-attachment of all the tires the vehicle has to be cross examined to ensure the safety of the vehicle and passenger.

The other aspects of this role are handling all the scrap or tires which have been taken off, keeping them neatly in the area of storage and other miscellaneous tasks.

Tire Technician Job Responsibilities

  • The major job responsibility of a tire technician is to handle all the work related to the tire of the vehicle but this role could also demand them to do many untold work which could not be set forth.
  • They are responsible for managing all the operations in safest manner along with ensuring the safety of the vehicle after changing or repairing the tyres.
  • Tires and wheels have to be safely dismounted and remount by these tire technicians and they have to perform all these tasks carefully to avoid any accidents with the vehicle.
  • They also have to ensure that while dismounting or remounting process, no damage should be caused to these vehicles.
  • They are the trained professionals to operate all the instruments required and used in the entire process of dismounting and remounting of the tyres.
  • They must be able to perform in a team and as well as they should be able to manage the tire changing work alone.
  • Customer service satisfaction is very important for these professionals. They should follow all the procedures and guidelines to ensure the best-in-class services and customer safety.

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