Traffic Enforcer Job Responsibilities

Traffic Enforcer Responsibilities

A traffic enforcer is someone who enforcers traffic rules and safety standards. At times they may also be called highway patrol officer. They detailed within neighborhoods or local police station or any nearby posts. These days, there are even imaginative and creative traffic enforcers who do different gimmicks to catch the attention of the people on the road and make them follow rules and traffic regulations cheerfully as with the dancing traffic police. It may also be a way to ease the stress and tension while on the road especially during traffic and rush hours.

Traffic Enforcer Job Responsibilities

  • Make sure that traffic rules and regulations are followed by all drivers, passengers and pedestrians
  • Help pedestrians, especially the aged and children to cross the street (at times)
  • Help people who might have lost their way
  • Observe and advice traffic violators
  • Catch traffic violators and issue appropriate tickets or penalties
  • Respond and attend to traffic emergencies promptly
  • Call other departments if cases and situations come to worse
  • Report to superiors as required
  • Educate people on traffic safety and health
  • Keep a record of all traffic violations, traffic incidents and other traffic related situations
  • Maintain an approachable personality so people in need would not hesitate to ask for help or would not be intimidated and shy off
  • Circulate hand-outs or public information flyers if the station has some new things or information for all the people out in the streets

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