Transaction Processing Executive Job Responsibilities

Transaction Processing Executive Responsibilities

The major responsibility of transaction processing executive is to manage and handle daily transactions or online transactions performed by an executive in that organization. Transaction processing systems are the backbone of an organization because they update constantly. At any given moment, someone may need an inventory balance, an account balance or the total current value of a financial portfolio. Also called “online transaction processing” (OLTP), the OLTP market is a demanding one, often requiring 24×7 operation and the most reliable computers and networks.


Transaction Processing Executive Job Responsibilities


  • He is responsible for coordinating the job within the team to meet metrics. Is the primary contact for the Team Leader and solves problems related to the General Accounting services.
  • He is responsible for performing regular standard tasks of General Accounting function.
  • He is responsible reconciling of the balances between the companies within the group (assets and liabilities).
  • His responsibility is to manage Assignment, securitization of receivables.
  • He is responsible for Recording recurring Journal entries, booking revenues and costs.
  • He is responsible for preparing legal reports –Tax, VAT declaration.
  • His responsibility is to ensure timely input and generation of accounting documents and batches, reconciles and balances related financial reports and accounts.
  • He is responsible for Managing, organizing and updating relevant data in General accounting using database applications.

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