Transport Officer Job Responsibilities

A transport officer is a person who is appointed by a state government or a local body of transport to carry out tasks such as provision and maintenance of the vehicle fleet over a particular area, manage diverse transport operations such as overseeing vehicle establishment programmes, certifying ground transportation budget etc. This job is suitable for a qualified person who has a rich experience in the field of transportation. Given below are the major job responsibilities of a transport officer.

Transport Officer Job Responsibilities:

  • The main job responsibility of any transport officer is the distribution, maintenance, repair and utilisation of all the vehicle fleet of the area.
  • One of the job responsibilities of a transport officer is to ensure the proper utilisation and efficient use of the funds being granted to the transport office.
  • Transport officer is also responsible for allocation and proper rotation of appropriate work and assignments to the employees or junior officers.
  • Transport officer is also required to carry out the tasks such as attending and heading meetings which are to decide the welfare of the transportation facilities of that particular area or district.
  • The job responsibilities of a transport officer also include the coordination of training courses and workshops which are held to raise the issues related to transportation etc.
  • Transport officer is also required to evaluate employee performance and coordinating the individual yearly work plans for all the unit managers and other employees working in the transport department of that area.

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