Transportation Coordinator Job Responsibilities

Transportation Coordinator Responsibilities

The main responsibility of transportation coordinator is to manage daily activities or operations of transportation. He is responsible for arranging transportation vehicles like truck, buses and van. Transportation coordinator is responsible for ensuring safe journey during transportation. He is also responsible for looking after the availability of vehicles and concern over repairing process of vehicles.

Transportation Coordinator Job Responsibilities

  • The primary responsibility of transportation coordinator is to test and make bundle of electrical tools, food and any other items as per desired items in one bunch.
  • He is responsible for sending desired amount of items and keep track missing items duration transportation.
  • If the items are sending through flight then he is responsible for loading the transportation vehicles with safety.
  • He is responsible for developing daily report in which he specify reason for being late delivery of items and delivery time of items.
  • Transportation coordinator is responsible for informing to the Transportation Company or organization about the working status of vehicles and machinery tools.
  • He is responsible for supervising daily activities of each employee.
  • ransportation coordinator is responsible for providing full assistance and care to the injured employee by accident during transportation.
  • He is responsible to create friendly environment among staff members so that they can feel free during transportation of items.

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