Transportation Dispatcher Job Responsibilities

Transportation Dispatcher Responsibilities

As a transportation dispatcher, a person has to co-ordinate transport movements on the terminal entrance. They will be interacting with the drivers by using computers, two-way radios and phones.

Drivers would be assigned a particular vehicle under guidance from transportation dispatchers. These are the basic job responsibilities of a transportation dispatcher and are vital in ensuring the smooth functioning of transport industry.

Transportation Dispatcher Job Responsibilities

-          Keeping track of the driver’s progress while they are on their routes.

-          Following the driver’s routes by using control boards. The company office could be used for this by the transportation dispatcher.

-          Checking the departure and starting time of drivers accurately.

-          Including the information related to driver’s times into the organization files.

-          Dealing and interacting with drivers on a regular basis.

-          Finding out and solving any problem coming from the side of these drivers by interacting with them.

-          Solving the complaints coming from customer’s side as per the requirement.

-          Work on rotational basis as per they require and handle the various issues arising during that time period.

-          Be willing to work on any shift, including night shifts.

-          To work during holidays and weekends too, if the job demands it.

-          Maintaining a good relation with the drivers of the department.

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