Travel Consultant Job Responsibilities

Travel Consultant is required to assist the clients with their travel related needs. He needs to advice the clients on making various arrangements including the travel tickets, accommodation, etc. A Travel Consultant must possess knowledge about various travel destinations and should know how to deal with clients interested in both business as well as leisure trips.

Travel Consultant Job Responsibilities

  • Travel Consultant is responsible for providing travel related information to his existing as well as perspective customers. He is asked about the weather conditions, tourist attractions, restaurants, etc of the travel destinations his clients intend to visit and is required to provide them complete information on the same.


  • Travel Consultant is required to understand his customer’s budget and plan the trip accordingly.


  • Travel Consultants need to compute the total expenses to be incurred in transportation, accommodation and other travel activities and share the same with the client.


  • Travel Consultants are required to look for the best available options and arrange the same for his clients


  • Travel Consultants may design holiday packages and offer the same to the clients.


  • Travel Consultants are required to do extensive research; he may even be required to visit the hotels in person in order to check the standard of living there.


  • Travel Consultants need to provide brochures to their clients. These brochures include information related to the local traditions and other related things to make the travellers familiar of that place.


  • Travel Consultants also provide travel tips to the clients so that they do not face any difficulty while on holiday.

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