Travel Desk Job Responsibilities

A travel desk is a special department at companies, firms, and agencies dealing with tours and travel facilities, which provides extensive information regarding various aspects of traveling. The desk comprises of one or more (not many) official(s) who interact with clients, either over phone, through mail, or speak face-to-face, regarding various travel-related issues and enquiries.

A travel desk may be present in many other organizations as well that require execution of travel and related practices as part of its operation.

Travel Desk Job Responsibilities:

  • A travel desk is responsible for rendering all necessary information to any individual who comes in for help regarding any travel-related matter – be it the arrival or departure time of some means of travel, distance to be covered, specifications of the location, information regarding reservations, accommodation, etc.
  • A travel desk official needs to possess excellent communication skills as he/she needs to be tolerant with clients all throughout the day, whether it be while answering calls or speaking to them directly.
  • A travel desk is responsible for maintaining records of all events, such as flight timings, vacancy of rooms, availability of seats in vehicles, etc. so as to ensure easy and smooth commencement of travel for clients.
  • A travel desk is responsible for maintaining client logs in an organized manner and reporting to supervisors or higher authorities as and when needed.
  • During the course of traveling or staying at some accommodation, clients can call up travels desks for help and the desk would be completely responsible to provide total assistance.
  • A travel desk is also responsible to verify all clients and also respect their privacy. Client information must always be confidential.
  • A travel desk is often responsible for the final billing of certain customers, based on the nature of travel and/or the company’s rules, and hence all details must be correct and authentic. 

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