Treasury Accountant Job Responsibilities

A person working at the post of a treasury accountant is an employee of a company working for its accounting department. A treasury accountant is a cash management expert who makes sure that the organization can gain profit and the financial statements of the company are correct and are without errors.

The job position of a treasury accountant comes with several job duties and responsibilities since this is an important position for any organization. The following is a detailed article describing the main job responsibilities of a treasury accountant:

Treasury Accountant Job Responsibilities

  • A person appointed as a treasury accountant is responsible for assessing the periodic liquidity related requirements of the company and is also responsible for finding out and determining the funding sources.
  • Another important job responsibility of a treasury accountant is to invest the company’s cash in the capital markets for increased profitability.
  • A treasury accountant is also responsible for seeing to the fact that the company’s financial policies and accounting principles are in adherence to the rules and regulations and the regularity rules are properly followed.
  • Any individual who is working as a treasury accountant in an organization is also responsible for making records and reports of the company’s cash transactions and ensuring that the records are fair and correct. He/she is required to complete the balance sheet, statement of profit and loss, statement of cash flow of the company and statement of shareholder’s equity.
  • It is the job responsibility of a treasury accountant to maintain relationship with internal and external auditors to see to the fact that the procedures and processes related to the financial reporting are accurate and adequate.
  • He/she may also need to travel to different areas of the city or even to different states to meet branch colleagues.


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