Truck Driver Job Responsibilities

Truck Driver Responsibilities

Truck Drivers form an inevitable part of the transportation industry. They have several responsibilities to carry out other than driving. Their most important job responsibility is to transport materials, livestock and products to specified destinations as per the requirement.

Along with this, truck drivers may have to carry out other related functions so that transportation of goods is carried out properly.

Truck Driver Job Responsibilities

— Inspecting the truck thoroughly before the commencement of journey.

— Carrying out another inspection after the trip and submitting a report on the condition of the truck to the concerned officials.

— Reads lading bills so that assignment can be determined.

— Fastening binders or chain so that the load can be secured during transportation.

— Carrying out loading, unloading or providing assistance for loading as well as unloading the truck as required.

— Carrying out the truck services with fuel, oil and the radiator fluid.

— Obtaining the signature of the customer once the truck reaches its destination.

— Collecting the payments for the services carried out by the truck driver.

— Inspecting the goods for transportation before starting the journey.

— Wrapping of the goods with the use of packing paper, containers or pads.

— Securing the loads to the trailers walls with the use of straps.

— Maintaining the driver log as per the I CC regulations and rules.

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