Tutorial Job Responsibilities

Tutorial Responsibilities

When studying in a formal school setting proves to be insufficient and inadequate and when more is required, but less is received at school or when there are scholastic requirements that regular school hours cannot offer at all, there is a need for tutorial services for students with special needs and requirements. Tutors, or those who do tutorial services, function as teachers or trainers in specific school subject areas, or in any other scholastic needs outside the regular school curriculum.

Tutorial Job Responsibilities

  • Meet with the client (the student/learner) and ask for the learning areas or areas he might need tutorials on
  • Prepare a diagnostic test if possible to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the learner
  • Schedule the time and place of the tutorial sessions (even the rate of payment as the tutor and client agree on)
  • Prepare tutorial materials that will facilitate in the strengthening of the weak areas of learning
  • Attend the tutorial sessions regularly
  • Update the parents or guardian of the learner about his progress or improvement and for problems that the tutor might encounter relative to the learner
  • Conduct regular short assessment tests to find out how far the tutorial services have gone in improving the skill of the learner
  • Counsel the learner should there be a need to
  • Prepare follow-up “Do it yourself” exercises for the learner to practice on even without the tutor around
  • Maintain a professional yet still personal relations with the learner to make him feel at ease and comfortable

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