Vendor Manager Job Responsibilities

A vendor manager works as the “middleman” between a company and its potential suppliers. He/she usually is designated as a contractor who facilitates dealings between his employer and the suppliers with whom the company wants to work. The vendor manager directly communicates with his company’s managers and understands the requirements of the production and provides the company with the names of the suppliers who stand suitable to the company requirement.

The vendor manager’s job responsibilities also include managing contracts drawn out between his company and the suppliers and handle the business relationship between them.

Vendor Manager Job Responsibilities:

The vendor manager needs to be a people person because his job mainly borders on keeping good rapport between various people. Some of his defined job responsibilities include the following:

  • Keeping an open communication with suppliers who are willing to work with his company.
  • Maintaining a competitive price list of the items that his company wants to be supplied with.
  • Having a direct contact with the finance department and the management teams of his company.
  • Knowing the budget and other delivery requirements of his company.
  • Creating contracts between his company and the potential suppliers stating every detail about this partnership
  • Tracking the delivery route, pattern and timeline of the vendors.
  • Keeping a tab on the stock of his company and making sure that they receive deliveries at regular intervals.
  • Calculating the remuneration the vendors are supposed to receive and revise the same in case the situation demands.
  • Making sure that the stock is stored in a proper place and there is no danger of damage
  • He is also responsible to look after all the issues related to vendors and troubleshoot various problems.
  • Arrange meetings between the vendor and the staff to discuss various issues.

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