Vendor Job Responsibilities

Vendor Responsibilities

A vendor is usually associated to a person who sells various or specialty items in places that are usually crowded by people. A vendor usually sells items of mass appeal like especially food sold at the most reasonable prices. Vendors may be seen in big assemblies of people like in fairs, sports events or event at a marketplace. These days there are also vendors on rolling stores or on foot selling their products directly to people in their homes or neighborhood. Vendors usually sell in an informal way not similar to selling in shops or retail outlets. Types of vendors are identified depending on the merchandise or goods they sell but job responsibilities can be similar or related.

Vendor Job Responsibilities

  • Sell items that can of great interest and appeal to a crowd of people
  • Circulate flyers to everyone within reach to promote the merchandise or goods
  • Call out the items for sale for everyone to hear in a unique and attention catching manner
  • Hand in, pass or at times throw the item to the customer and receive payment and make changes as necessary
  • Monitor stocks from time to time
  • Replenishes items and stocks as needed
  • (If the vendor is employed by another company or if the vendor takes items for sale in commission basis, he needs to reimburse his boss for the items sold (depending on their terms of agreement
  • Clean up the vending area after the selling
  • Pay the necessary fees for the vending area, as in a stadium or a bazaar space
  • Relate with customers cheerfully

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