Veterinary Technician Job Responsibilities

A vet or veterinarian or veterinary surgeon refers to a professional who diagnoses and then treats various diseases/ injuries/ illness in animals. The vets generally work in clinical settings and treat the animals directly. The individuals who assist the vets in their tasks or operations are referred to as veterinary technicians. These technicians should be qualified and the standards of which varies from country to country.

Veterinary Technician Job Responsibilities

  • The veterinary technicians are responsible for meeting/ following all the instructions or directions given to them by the respective vet.
  • The veterinary technicians are responsible for keeping the respective vet updated on the status of the animal they are treating.
  • The veterinary technicians are responsible for observing the animals and making various medical observations such as taking and recording the pulse rate of the animal, recording the temperature, observing the performance of the respiratory system etc.
  • The technicians are also responsible for performing the tasks of wound and trauma management such as cleaning and dressing of the wounds, applying splints etc.
  • The technicians are responsible for collecting the medical samples such as skin scrapings etc. They are also responsible for analyzing the medical samples they have collected.
  • The technicians are responsible for ensuring that all the equipments the vet needs are in the best working condition.
  • Before every surgery or operation the techs are responsible for supplying all the equipments the vets need.
  • The technicians are responsible for informing the vets about any unusual activities or symptoms that are being shown by the animal.

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