Video Director Job Responsibilities

Video Director job responsibilities include creating images and ensuring proper video direction in music videos, serials and other visual recordings. Video director is also required to supervise the creative team working under him, derive work from them and evaluate their performance.

It is recommended to go for multimedia studies if you are aspiring to get into this profession. In order to become a video director one also requires gaining a good amount of experience in this field.

Video Director Job Responsibilities

  • Video Director is required to oversee the complete creative direction of the music videos or other videos containing different video content.
  • Video Director is involved in interpreting the musician’s songs and preparing stories for the videos depending upon the kind of music played in it.
  • Video Director is involved in conducting auditions for the interested candidates and screening those who are talented and fit for the position.
  • Video Director needs to select the cast for the videos and prepare them for the performance. He needs to handle this task in association with the creative team members.
  • Video Director may seek assistance from choreographers for preparing the performances of the artists.
  • Video Director is required to conduct rehearsals in order to make the artists learn the steps properly.
  • Video Director needs to direct the work of the crew members.
  • Video Director is also required to select the design components for the video.
  • Video Director needs to decide the costumes of the artists. He is required to deal with the designers, provide the requirement for the costumes and negotiate the rates for the dresses/ costumes.
  • Video Director is required to choose the set for the performance.
  • Video Director needs to deal with the vendors who provide the lights and other decorative items.
  • Video Director is involved in the marketing activities to promote the videos directed by him.
  • Video Director is also involved in the distribution process of the video.

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