Webmaster Job Responsibilities

Webmaster Responsibilities

A webmaster is the person responsible for creating and handling of better website and making sure that it contains the information relevant to the needs of the times and such website is working properly.

The webmaster needs to improve the performance and efficiency of the website he created from time to time or as the need arises. He is involved in working with the website’s content, code, structure and images.

Webmaster Job Responsibilities

  • Design and create a website most fitting to the requirements of the client/s
  • Improve, enhance and update the website as needed
  • Determine the up time of the website in relation to the availability of the server
  • Study the statistics of the website – its visibility, traffic and profitability
  • Customize the website on the nature of the company’s or the clients’ operation
  • Maximize the potential of the website through search engine optimization
  • Constantly check the website for bugs and spasm and do the necessary adjustments or repair
  • Improve the ranking of the website on the major search engines like Yahoo and Google
  • Check the website’s traffic and do the best to divert them into sales
  • Control the security of the website against hackers to protect the most confidential information

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