Wedding Singer Job Responsibilities

Wedding Singer Responsibilities

Do you still remember who sang at your wedding? Or who do you want to sing songs of love in your future wedding, if you haven’t married yet? A wedding singer has an important role in the wedding. He adds color, flavor and rhythm to the romantic atmosphere making the wedding more special and memorable. Wedding singers also attend to many job responsibilities, as he delivers his personal musicality to the delight of the newlyweds and the attendees and visitors in the event.

Wedding Singer Job Responsibilities

  • Meet with the couple or the wedding coordinator for their special requirements with regards to the songs and music for the wedding
  • Plan, research and make music and song line up to meet the requirements of the clients
  • Make voice preparations before the ceremony
  • Practice songs to achieve musical excellence
  • Prepare the musical instrument and equipment you might need like cd’s, recorder or player, sound system and the like
  • Coordinate with the couple or the wedding planner as to the place and time of your musical service – will you sing in the church or at the reception or both
  • On the day of the wedding, dress up appropriately
  • Maintain a friendly disposition while at the wedding through the reception
  • Coordinate with the church administrator or caretaker or to the hotel auxiliary for some of the things you might need during the performance, like microphones or music stands
  • Maintain communication with the couple or the wedding coordinator for changes and updates

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