What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A CAN?

CAN is short term for certified nursing assistant who are expected to assess the health of their clients, monitor their health, maintain their medical records and handle a number of other related tasks. In order to get into the position of a CAN one needs to have a high school diploma along with a state nursing assistant certificate.

One may also go for a Medicare competency evaluation program. However, just attending a medical or nursing program is not sufficient. It is also essential to have certain qualities in order to handle this position appropriately. These qualities include having patience, good communication skills, ability to motivate others and good physical stamina

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are several job responsibilities assigned to a CAN; few of which are mentioned below in detail:

Develop Nursing Programs: CAN is required to plan and develop nursing programs for taking good care of the patients. They are also required to implement these programs. It is essential for a CAN to conduct extensive research before preparing these programs.

Monitor Patient’s Health: CAN needs to monitor the patient’s medical health. He is required to check the patient’s body temperature, weight and blood pressure on a daily basis and may be even twice a day and update the same in the patient’s file which is to be shared with the doctor.

Maintain Hygiene: CAN is required to ensure that the patient’s ward remains neat and clean at all times and proper hygiene is maintained. He needs to see to it that the utensils in which the patient is served food are hygienic, the patient’s bed is kept clean, bed sheet is changed regularly and other related tasks are done in order to maintain hygiene.

Assist Doctors: CAN is required to assist the doctors while they are conducting any medical treatment to cure the patient.

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