What Are the Job Responsibilities of a Lawyer?

A lawyer is a person who practices law. All activities, business or personal, have some legalities involved in it, law books and amendments are the documents describing the procedures and practices that is supposed to be followed in any transaction that happens amidst human beings. The intention of Law is to protect the interest of the common man and the public. The law is subject to interpretations and lawyers are such professionals, who are capable of interpreting the law for the benefit of the client that they represent.

Job responsibilities of a lawyer

  • The lawyer is responsible for suitably advising the clients and prospective clients of the standpoint of the law.
  • The lawyer is responsible to listen to the client intently and document the same.
  • The lawyer is responsible to take the decision as to whether to take up the case and represent for the client in the court.
  • The lawyer on accepting a client is responsible for representing him in the court of law in front of the judge, and to stand and fight for the right and good of the represented client.
  • The lawyer is responsible for candidly discussing the various interpretations possible from the point of view of law.
  • The lawyer is responsible for intimating and communicating to the client the various possibilities that the case could take.
  • The lawyer is responsible for accurately drafting various legal papers for the accepted client meticulously like, will, contracts, lease agreement, franchise agreement.
  • The lawyer is responsible for preparing legal documents and appeals in the state or the central courts as per the demands of the situation.
  • The lawyer is responsible in protecting his clients from all legal procedures wherever possible and legally and morally.
  • The lawyer is responsible for updating himself with the latest changes that happens in the legal matters and to communicate the same to his teammates and the client.

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