What Are the Job Responsibilities of Accountant?

An accountant is a person who generates, keeps records and prepares reports involving all the financial transactions of a business entity. The sole purpose of business is to make money, and it is important for all business to have a road map as to what they have done, and where they are heading and an accountant provides all relevant information to show the road map of the organization. An accountant’s responsibilities also include his tax calculations and payment for the government.

Job responsibilities of accountant:

  • An accountant is responsible for preparing books and statements pertaining to all financial and bank transactions.
  • An accountant is responsible for maintaining and generating reports involving Profit and loss, Balance sheet and the like.
  • An accountant is responsible for the calculation of tax that is to be paid to the government from time to time and get it paid with the consent of the people in charge and thereby protect the business heads.
  • An accountant is also responsible in keeping his knowledge update with regard to the new policies and procedures that come about in the field, and also of all the laws pertaining to the payment of taxes.
  • An accountant is responsible for taking care of the financial health of the organization and to inform the higher ups in case of emergency or possible bankruptcy.
  • An accountant is responsible for developing and appraising the strategies involved with tax calculations and further investment related decisions.
  • An accountant is responsible for protecting the client in litigations if any involving financial matters.
  • Accountant is responsible for conducting internal audit and check for the authenticity of the transactions taken place and recorded in the accounts books.
  • The accountant is responsible for advising the management before starting a new profit centre with regard to the financial possibilities and sustenance of the profit centre.

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