What Are The Responsibilities Of A Job Recruiter?

Job Recruiter is basically involved in recruiting candidates for different positions in an organization. It is recommended to go for a degree in business administration specializing human resource. Various employers also look for candidates who have a relevant work experience.

Job Recruiter personnel may be employed with a particular organization and hire professionals for that particular organization or may work for a recruitment agency that provides different professionals to various organizations.

There are a number of responsibilities that a job recruiter is required to handle during the course of recruiting the employees; few of these are mentioned below in detail.

Post Job Ads: The first and foremost duty of the job recruiter is to prepare and post ads for different vacancies. The job ad may be posted in newspapers, magazines or job sites and the job recruiter may be required to coordinate with the publishers and owners of different job sites in order to do so.

Maintain Relations: Job Recruiters working with recruitment agencies are required to acquire clients and maintain good relations with them. They need to stay in constant touch with their clients in order to find out about any job vacancy that comes up.

Schedule Interviews: Job Recruiters are required to schedule interviews with the candidates after confirming suitable time from the clients. He needs to inform the candidates about the interview date and time over the phone or via email.

Conduct Interview: Job Recruiters need to conduct interview. They may be required to take an interview round, provide information related to the position and the work the candidate would be expected to handle. Job recruiters are also required to negotiate payment packages with the candidates.

Declare Interview Results: Job Recruiters are required to declare the interview results once the employer shares the same with them. They also need to send out the offer letters.

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