Zookeeper Job Responsibilities

The zookeepers are the professionals who are responsible for maintaining the zoo animals’ welfare, well-being and healthy & hygienic environment for the animals. The major tasks of zookeepers include taking care of food and water requirements of the animals, avoiding any discomfort to the animals, try to keep animals free from pain, injuries and diseases by maintaining a healthy and clean environment for them and most importantly they are responsible for keeping animals away from fear and distress.

Zookeeper Job Responsibilities:

  • Zookeeper job responsibilities include preparation of balanced diet charts for animals as per their requirements with the help of animal nutritionist to keep the animals healthy.
  • The zookeepers are also responsible for taking care of animals’ food and water needs and feeding them at the right time and at right intervals.
  • The zookeepers are also responsible for taking care of hygiene of animals by making arrangements for their baths, disinfection, exercising, and regular checkups by veterinary doctor.
  • Zookeeper job responsibilities also include developing breeding plans for animals, and making available the mating environment for them.
  • These candidates are also responsible for looking after the newly born animals, taking care of their medical, physical and psychological needs.
  • Zookeeper job responsibilities also include auditing the food preparation team, animal feeding team and cleanliness team to ensure that animals are well fed and properly cleaned.
  • Zookeeper job responsibilities also include making necessary arrangements for the visitors and developing necessary rules so that animals are not intentionally disturbed, provoked and hit by visitors.

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