Cashier Job Responsibilities

Cashier Responsibilities

Cashiers can find job opportunities in various places where people will be paying money in return for a product. Depending on a particular employment type, the duties of a cashier can also vary. The core function of a cashier is to enable effective and smooth money transaction for the customers.

They handle the responsibility of providing outstanding services by quick processing of sales, efficient and accurate cash register works.

Cashier Job Responsibilities

  • Providing good services to the customers
  • Having good knowledge of the products that are available in the shop
  • Maintaining accurate records regarding the sales of services and goods conducted at the shop and ensure that the prepared data is free of any errors
  • Act as a communication source between the management and the customer
  • Receive cash after purchase from customers. Money can also be obtained through credit cards, check, cash, automatic debits or vouchers
  • Calculating the total amount of money transacted for the day
  • Resolving the customer complains if there are any
  • Carry out sorting, wrapping currencies and counting
  • Always ensure that adequate amount of cash is available at cashier counter so that balance can be paid to the customers easily.

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