CNA Job Responsibilities

CNA Responsibilities

The major responsibility of certified nursing assistants is to take daily care of patients and their basic tasks which are necessary for their health. Their responsibility is to manage the patients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, mental hospitals and living facilities. He or she is responsible for managing all the basic requirements and tasks of patients.  Certified Nursing Assistants are also responsible for taking the patients for their daily bath, dressing them, combing hair and many other.

CNA Job Responsibilities

  • They are responsible for giving the meals to the patients at the timings as being specified by the doctor.
  • They are responsible to take the patients to bathroom when they are in need of that.
  • They are responsible for cleaning of the room and bathroom where the patient is.
  • They also help the patients in their daily exercise and all the physiotherapy exercises being told by the doctor the patient.
  • They are responsible for providing the medicines to the patients at the right time.
  • They are also responsible for providing the emotional support to the patients which could help them in coming out of the stress problems.
  • A certified nursing assistant is responsible for informing nurse if any of the problems occurs with the patients.

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