Commercial Manager Job Responsibilities

The role of the Commercial Manager varies according to the industry in which they are serving. They may or may not have technical expertise, but must have sound and recent knowledge in commercial and financial matters.

In most organization they are people with working experience, have strong liaisons with clients and have team leadership qualities. Some of the major commercial manager job responsibilities are given below:

Commercial Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Bringing in new business and exploring new avenues for the company to bid (especially those related to cost estimation) and grow
  • Risk management and financial reporting, and may include daily commercial help provided to the Financial Controller
  • Commercial manager has to manage, with the aid and expertise of the Accounts Manager, the yearly expenditure of commercial budget
  • Ensure (with the aid of the legal team) that all statutory and legal obligations are adhered to by the organization, including those by the subsidiaries
  • Securing and maintaining commercial sponsorships and partnership, set targets to be achieved from the commercial aspect (including yearly targets) and will be responsible to work across the organization to ensure that those commercial targets are achieved
  • Manage relevant business operations and provide proposals for research, analysis and marketing models
  • Brand Awareness and Strategy building with upper management (usually the Board and CEO); this also includes forming a business plan (both long and short term)
  • Teaming with the Marketing head to generate and follow up with leads and participating in contract negotiation at a later stage
  • In order to receive favourable market reports and image, they have to liaison with other department managers for the best outcome- eg. For the personal appearance of employees liaison with the Talent Manager, for attendances at events and profits from ticketing liaison with the Events Manager.

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