Dental Office Manager Job Responsibilities

The task of a dentist is tedious especially because a poor dental job will cost him a recurrent customer. Between fitting braces, flossing and cleaning cavities, a dentist has little time to schedule and manage official responsibilities. That is where a Dental Office Manager steps in.

Though there are no specific qualifications required for this job (A high school degree with a GED is sufficient qualification), but since he/she will be in a customer facing job, the following skill set will prove handy- amicable demeanour and easy to talk with, telephone etiquettes, money handing abilities, computer literacy, basic management skills.

Below given is a list of the major Dental Office Manager job responsibilities:

Dental Office Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Handing official staff and support staff and ensuring their smooth running
  • Overseeing and organizing dental assistants
  • Working with vendors to ensure that the stock/inventory is full
  • Ensuring that the facility and all apparatus is sanitized (that is making sure that the staff is performing their duties)
  • Handing schedules of working staff and patients (especially during busy seasons or when the more staff is on leave), and handling insurances
  • Coordinate with co-workers to make sure that customers are being directed correctly; this will include that customers receive guidance on insurance, doctors and medical assistance available
  • Keeping an eye for details and ensuring that all official reports are updated. This will also include adhering to the OSHA specifications and mandatory medical regulations
  • Must be able to motivate, resolve issues, discipline and guide all staff on a daily basis; conflicts often arise between staff related to taking leaves during festive periods or longer breaks, handing customer enquiries and complaints and so on
  • The modern dental manager does not stop at receiving/responding to calls and updating excels sheets. They also plan and lay strategies to market the brand, analyse the brand and employee performances, innovates cost-saving methods and remains aware of technical updates and developments in the dental world.

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