Disc Jockey Job Responsibilities

Disc Jockeys (DJs) play music in parties, clubs, discs, etc. They are required to mix and match the music to suit the mood of the event. They also work for radio stations and broadcast the music on air. It is essential to have proper knowledge about the different genres of music in order to get into this position.

Disc Jockey Job Responsibilities

  • Disc Jockey is responsible for playing music at discs, clubs, parties and even on radio stations.
  • Disc Jockey needs to mix and match the music in order to make it sound more appropriate as per the place he is playing it at.
  • Disc Jockey needs to possess extensive knowledge about various genres of music and stay updated with the information related to latest music tracks.
  • Disc Jockey may interview singers, musicians and other celebrities from the music field.
  • Disc Jockey hosts radio programs and plays music selections during these programs.
  • Disc Jockey chooses the tape recordings and the content that needs to be aired during the radio program to make it more interesting.
  • Disc Jockey is required to study and understand the listeners’ taste and choose the music accordingly.
  • Disc Jockey usually works on a particular genre of music which they specialize in. It may be rock, pop, classic, contemporary, hip hop or any other kind of music.
  • Disc Jockeys are required to use various musical instruments and equipments and must therefore possess good knowledge about using them.
  • Disc Jockeys must have knowledge about the sound systems and the ways to operate them.

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