Event Planner Job Responsibilities

Event Planner is involved in planning the event and carrying out various tasks for running the event successfully. He/ She is required to have good communication skills and must be able to coordinate with different departments in order to make all the arrangements for the event. One may undergo a degree course in event management or event planning in order to get into this position.

Event Planner Job Responsibilities

  • Event Planners need to understand the client requirement and plan the event accordingly.
  • Event Planners need to discuss the client’s budget and inform them about the estimated cost involved in making all the arrangements for the event. They must ensure that the cost involved falls under the budget set by the client.
  • Event Planners need to work on making plans for events such as seminars, meetings, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, festivals, inauguration ceremonies, birthday parties, political events, business events, family functions, parties, etc.
  • Event Planners must stay updated with the ongoing trends in the market in order to plan and design their events accordingly.
  • Event Planners are responsible for deciding the performances that would take place in the event. In cases where the clients have already decided as to which all performances would be held; the event planners need to ensure that the performers are preparing as per the clients’ instructions.
  • Event Planners need to plan the decoration of the place where the event is to be held. They are involved in deciding the themes, in case it is a theme party and decorating the place accordingly.
  • Event Planners need to make a list of the products and equipments required for the event and inform the same to the event managers so that they can arrange for the same.

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