Fashion Designer Job Responsibilities

Fashion Designer Responsibilities

As you know that clothes make people to feel powerful and confident it is the responsibility of the fashion designer to design fashionable clothing in a fairly wide range. They are responsible to sketch designs for prêt-à-porter, haute couture and high street fashion markets.

They work according to the company’s specification of fabric, color and budget. Also they determine the prices for the various styles.

Fashion Designer Job Responsibilities

  • Research on fashion trends.
  • Stay abreast on various contemporary styles.
  • Create prototypes and sketches.
  • Choose materials.
  • Attend fashion shows.
  • Perform business administration responsibilities.
  • Marketing products.
  • Supervise and work with team of designers.
  • Visualize and then create a design with the help of Computer aided Design or by hand.
  • Plan and develop ranges.
  • Liaise with buying, sales and production teams to ensure that the item goes well with the market, customer and cost points.
  • Oversee production.
  • Negotiate with suppliers and customers.
  • Adapt the present designs for a mass production.
  • Source, select and buy trims, fabrics, embellishments and fastenings.
  • Understand design from a practical and technical outlook.
  • Work with design team members like forecasters and buyers, so as to develop products that will meet the needs of a customer.

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