Firefighter Trainee Job Responsibilities

A firefighter trainee is an employee of a firestation where he is appointed for a training period. A firefighter trainee is employed at a fire station to learn about firefighting techniques and also to learn how to handle emergency situations in the appointed area or district. A firefighter trainee is supposed to rescue people from fire situations and other emergency situations. Given below are a few of the job responsibilities of a firefighter trainee.

Firefighter Trainee Job Responsibilities:

  • A firefighter trainee is responsible for being on an alert throughout the training period and be ready for hearing about an emergency situations in the district and responding to it as quickly as possible.
  • A firefighter trainee is responsible for taking orders from the head fireman and act as per the given orders.
  • It is the job responsibility of a firefighter trainee to try and diminish the fire and rescue people from the safest possible route or path in the building which has caught fire.
  • A firefighter is responsible for taking immediate actions in other emergency situations such as floods, earthquake disasters etc…
  • They are also responsible for making the affected people and their families calm in various kinds of disasters or tough situations.
  • They are responsible for taking regular training programs to improve and polish their skills.
  • They are responsible for educating people about protecting themselves from fire and taking necessary steps to prevent fire and other such disasters.
  • A firefighter is also responsible for working closely with local agencies to work on an area affected by fire.

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