Food Server Job Responsibilities

Food Server Job Responsibilities involve taking the clients’ orders and providing them food and drinks. A food server must be dressed up properly and should possess good communication skills as he is required to deal directly with the clients. It is essential for a food server to have complete knowledge about the food and drinks to be served to the customers.

Food Server Job Responsibilities

  • Food Server is required to serve food and drinks to the clients as per the order placed by them.
  • Food Server needs to coordinate with other staff members in order to accomplish various tasks.
  • Food Server needs to ensure that he/she carries out his duties as per the restaurant/ hotel standards.
  • Food Server may also suggest as to which silver or china should to be used to serve food to the guests arriving in the restaurant.
  • Food Server needs to take order from the clients and ensure that they are served the food and drinks well in time.
  • Food Server is also required to clear the table once the clients are done with the food. He/She should make use of the latest techniques for clearing the dishes from the table.
  • Food Server needs to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Food Server may even provide suggestions while the dinning table is being set.
  • Food Server is required to make sure that water is served to the guests as they arrive.
  • Food Server is required to request the clients to place their order.
  • Food Server must ensure that every guest is given personal attention and is served properly.

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