Forensic Scientist Responsibilities

Forensic Scientist Responsibilities

In the following article we see the importance and the responsibilities put forth to a Forensic Scientist. They are generally employed by the government to investigate crimes by collecting raw data and clues that they can collect as evidence from the crime scene or surrounding areas like tissue samples, ballistic evidence, etc.

The forensic scientists are generally employed in central or state government operations.

Forensic Scientist Job Responsibilities

  • A Forensic Scientist must be able to analyze, tissue samples, physical materials, chemical substances and ballistics evidence from a crime scene using various methodologies like recording, measuring, testing etc.
  • Must be able to reconstruct crime scenes using acquired data to solve cases.
  • Should be able to prepare reports based on the evidence found and the deductions made by the Forensic Scientist
  • A major responsibility is that they should be able to testify with their evidence obtained in the court of law.
  • They analyze samples like drugs, paint, glass, body fluids and hair in laboratory.
  • They apply techniques like high-performance liquid and gas, genetic fingerprinting, infrared spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy and scanning-electron spectroscopy.
  • Sorting and sifting evidences often that is held in the miniscule quantities.
  • Attending & examining the crime scenes.
  • Recording the findings and gathering the trace evidences mainly from crime scenes or accidents. 


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