Guest Relations Manager Job Responsibilities

A guest relations manager is responsible for maintaining a cordial relationship with the guests of a hotel, restaurant, cruise ships and even retail chains. These professionals need to make sure that the guests coming to these businesses are satisfied with the services provided and they must address any issue that the guests may have.

The people willing to work in such a position needs to be well versed with the hospitality industry and must have a professional degree in the same. They are recruited based on their qualifications in the hospitality industry and also on their previous work record.

Guest Relations Manager Job Responsibilities:

A guest relations manager must be approachable by the guests and have a very endearing demeanor. His/her job responsibilities comprise:

  • Creating plans to ensure and provide proper, and high class guest service experiences so that guests have nothing to complain about.
  • Studying customer feedback and strategizing policies to improve the overall rating of the business.
  • Understanding the unstated problems that guests may have.
  • Providing all the information that the guests are looking for. He/she will also need to act on the requests of the guests immediately.
  • Coordinating the arrivals, departures and tours of VIPs and special guests if the guest relations manager is in a hotel.
  • Managing the staff to meet guests’ requirements.
  • Creating programs and trainings that will help the staff involved in the process to meet and maintain high standards.
  • Creating a team that will be responsible for taking care of the smallest needs of the guests and managing the same team.
  • Ensuring that the team abides by the protocols of the business and does not hamper the standards of the same. He also needs to praise the team on a job well done and criticize them when the standards are not met.

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