Guidance Counselor Job Responsibilities

Guidance Counselor Responsibilities

Guidance counselor works under the administration of a school that is very much professional in its kind of position.  It works in accordance to the rules and regulations of a school and follows the entire task assigned to them.  They need to be a great example of any students as they give best counseling as necessary to the needs of each student in their school vicinity.

Counselors who work in high schools advise junior and senior students in choosing what courses to take once they enter college. They provide students with scholarship information, training manuals, and college catalogs.

Guidance Counselor Job Responsibilities

  • Conducts interviews on parents about some matters related to students.
  • Issues good moral certificates as per requested by other schools for student’s admission.
  • Oversees implementation of Schools curriculum.
  • Conducts home visits and assess students’ attitudes and behaviors.
  • Provides advice and counseling whenever necessary to the needs of their students.
  • Promote goodwill and right conduct by making some programs that will enhance one’s personality and attitude as well.
  • Work hand in hand with its colleagues and with parents of each student as well for better attitude to develop within the vicinity of the school.
  • Provide guidance at all times that matters to good moral and right conduct.

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