Health Care Assistant Job Responsibilities

Healthcare assistant is the one who work efficiently within hospital or community settings as qualified healthcare professional. The role is greatly dependable on the place and area where the professional is employed. They often work in association with nurses and thus are sometimes known as auxiliary nurses. They are also seen to offer useful services in the maternity wards and as assistant to midwives. A healthcare assistant should be a skilled person having knowledge on health care administration and associated field. Following given are the health care assistant job responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities of Healthcare Assistants

  • The prime responsibility of a healthcare assistant is to give all the required assistance, support and help to the manager of healthcare department.
  • Healthcare assistants should be helping the managers in liaising with other people for social services, voluntary groups or in the private sector.
  • Healthcare assistants sometimes work under the nursing staff.
  • He may have to help the patients to wash, dress-up and in even getting bath.
  • Healthcare assistant also serves food to the patients and helps them to have it.
  • Healthcare assistants also check that the hygiene is fully maintained and they help in keeping the bed clean by changing the bed sheet and cleaning the beds.
  • Healthcare assistants should also keep in mind the patients do not get sores on his body due to lying on the bed at a stretch. So, they need to turn the patient around in every few hours and powder them so that bed sores do not crop-up.
  • They also need to help patients to move around if they are not being able to walk by themselves.
  • Assistants should give out bed pans and urinals to the patients if they are not in a position to go to washroom.
  • They should also check that all the required equipments are in order and has continuous supply.
  • Healthcare assistants need to keep a track and observation on temperature, breathing and pulse.   

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