Human Resource Job Responsibilities

Human Resource Responsibilities

Every company has human resource (HR) personnel. The president of the company hires personnel like them to decrease their duties on the company; by giving their authority they are the ones who select the best aspiring employees for the company.  They must be familiar enough in order to meet the company’s demand.

A good communication skills and leadership among subordinates and employees is a must for a harmonious working environment within the company.


Human Resource Job Responsibilities

  • Hiring employees by analyzing carefully the applicant’s application form that will fit on the vacant position on the company.
  • Determining the needs for any training needed to improve the employees’ manpower in conjunction with departmental managers.
  • communicating with the managers or heads of departments regarding the efforts made by the employee that will deserve to have promotion and good benefits;
  • Administers justify payroll and keeps the records of their employees that can be used when needed.
  • Orienting, training and introducing the new hire applicant to the employees of the company.
  • Negotiating with staff and they’re representative, on issues involving their concerns, problems within the company’s admin.or problems to their work.
  • Motivates employees and appraising them for a job well- done.
  • Conducts sessions to give lectures to the employees regarding the company’s condition and competition.

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