Jail Guard Job Responsibilities

Jail Guard Responsibilities

A Jail Guard is a law enforcer whose responsibility is to supervise the safety and security of prisoners in the jail and the institution itself. Prisoners that have been arrested are under their care, custody and control while awaiting trial, or in some cases sentenced to serve the jail for a long period of time.

Their job is considered dangerous due to prisoners with different attitude. Jail Guards underwent standard and special training for them to be ready for any unexpected events or emergency inside the boundaries of the jail.

Jail Guard Job Responsibilities

  • Implement law and policies inside the jail.
  • Escort inmates from their cells to dining rooms, classrooms, hospitals, chapels, and work areas.
  • Observing and watching any possible disturbances the inmates’ activities.
  • Patrol the jail and grounds around it, checking locks, windows, bars, and gates to see that they cannot be used by prisoners to escape.
  • Escort inmates outside prison boundaries whenever there is a court-ordered trip.
  • Bring back escapees and those who have violated parole.
  • Restraint or teaches inmates whenever they violate rules within the institution.
  • Searching for those inmates and environs for contraband.

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